Throw the Hissy: A Southern Paranormal Fiction


I should have seen it coming. My psychic abilities failed me this time.
Or maybe I ignored them for my shinier illusions of grandeur.

What should be the most epic day of my life becomes my worst nightmare.

Shane, tries to console me. He’s thoughtful and so hot. But seriously, with my lifelong dreams dashed on the rocks, I don’t even notice his tantalizing body. Much.

Shane’s grandpa lends a patient ear and encourages me to have faith in my abilities. The real-world intelligence and excellent work ethic traits, not my paranormal “gifts.”

The quaint fishing cabin they call home isn’t as serene as it first appears. Something lurks in the shadows of his home.

I’ll have to be brave and call on my “gifts” to help my new friends.

I just hope I can find my way back…

Throw the Hissy completes the prequel series.

April’s story continues with Foolish Aspirations.


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