What’s Past is Prologue


Jessica Menotti is frightened by a recurrent dream in which she’s chased through a maze by an unseen assailant. Hoping to escape the fears, she moves to Niagara Falls and takes a job as an Assistant District Attorney. Soon, though, she seems to be running through a real-life maze.Called by Detective Mulroney to oversee the collection of evidence at a murder scene, Jessica is panicked when she sees an old yellow building then is startled by old bones dug up and a strange ring in the grave. It’s the first time she’s seen any of this, yet her instinct is to run from that place. At the same time, though she’s just met Mulroney she feels drawn to him as to someone she’s loved for years. Love, fear, where are these feelings coming from? Certainly not from any experience in this life.When she is assigned a case involving drug smugglers, that maze dream and her sense of dread at the crime scene come into focus. Struggling to understand her sense of déjà vu leads to a vision of her death in a past life… and maybe her death in this one as well.


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