Nightmare Journey Across Time



Gorgeously attractive Doctor Blain Conway, a neurosurgeon, and new to town, becomes enchanted with Star at his first encounter.

Star Tripodi, a headstrong, and sensationally beautiful young woman has her heart full of intoxicating future dreams. This wild female believes herself beyond reproof from any authority, and that includes God.

Abruptly all comes crashing down on Star one fateful day when at the wrong place she gets struck by a speeding car.

Taken to hospital and placed on life support, it will be Doctor Conway who takes charge of her critical care. In her delirium, Star is attacked by demons before careering back through time to early colonial Virginia of 1754.

Rescued by Baron, a daring wagon trail scout, Star narrowly escapes an Indian war party. Carried by him on horse-back to the wagon train, she comes under the care and protection of a widow named Hildy.

Life is far different from that of the future, and she is about to experience the hardship of daily pioneer life.
Star is uncertain about her future once Hildy reaches her final destination, as she faces the terrifying reality of no money and nowhere to belong.

Is Star destined to remain in 1754?
Or will she, by her family’s prayers and some miracle of God, return back to her own time?
Read this amazing story.


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