Europe on a Wing and a Prayer: Featuring the Best of Europe


The author has traveled to at least 55 countries over a 50-year period for both business and pleasure and has accumulated a treasure trove of valuable information from these memorable journeys. This book draws on all that experience to help others enjoy a quality travel experience in Europe with minimal stress, minimum cost, maximum safety and comfort.
Expert advice on what to take with you, what you won’t need, and how to safeguard your valuables
Simple formula for losing excess weight and regaining your health while marveling at the treasures of Europe
Covers 35 cities in 20 countries
Includes 340 high-resolution color, annotated photos of the most beautiful and popular sites
Short history of each city, country, and Capital
Recommended Airbnb’s and restaurants
Listing of websites that show all available tours and discount passes that save you money and enable you to avoid long lines
Recommended Cell Phone Apps to facilitate your journey
Special advice for the solo traveler
Sound advice on how to avoid injury, pickpockets, and missed connections
Europe was the greatest travel experience of my life and I want to help make it your greatest travel experience. I believe my European journey added ten years to my life and I explain why.


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