What is the Time ? by Aleksandr Anufriyev

This book is for every age, anyone who can read and who is interested in what time is will be the main audience. It explains why people think time is relative, what is time, and gives the audience examples of different devices to “measure” time.
If you want to know how to better explain to your kids, your friends, or your students about what Time means, then in this book, you will find the answers.
First, let me tell you how and why I wrote this book.
Long ago, in the year 2014, I was in the park with my daughter.
She was in middle school and well-educated about many things nowadays life.
Suddenly she asks me one very simple question;”Daddy, what is time?”.
I try to make it simple but understand during our conversation, that it will be not easy and no simple answer.
And it is completely understandable.
Look at one of the oldest and most respectable dictionaries, Merriam-Webster, since 1828!
Definition of time, according to Merriam-Webster.
Definition of time
The measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues.
Definition of the period.
The completion of a cycle, a series of events, or a single action.
Definition of duration.
The time during which something exists or lasts.
If we combine all these definitions, we will have a final definition of time:
The measured or measurable completion of a cycle, a series of events, or a single action that exists or lasts in
As you can see, we use the word “time” in this final definition.
It’s like saying: “Time is time.”
The circle is complete.
In this book, you will find a different definition of time.
Very easy to understand.
You can tell your kids about it, and kids will understand what is time, with no trouble at all.
You will find out where is time came from.
How the myths about time were created and who invented these fairy tales.
How did people start to use the ‘generators of standard processes’ which most people call the ‘time measurement devices’.
You will find the answer to the most intriguing question; “Is it possible to travel in time?”.
You will know where you can travel and where you can not.
This trip starts a long time ago, when Homo sapiens live in a cave, and ended up today when people dreamed about life inside Virtual World, where are new time and new life exists.
But first, let’s talk about time in our world, the world of processes, events, and material objects.
Happy reading!


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