The Secret of Life by Zeev Gilkis


Age doesn’t matter! If we live right, we don’t have to age!
Dr. Zeev Gilkis is a cancer survivor who began competing in triathlons and surfing waves in his sixties.
In a conversational style and a friendly manner, the author is sharing his secrets about living better and longer, while enjoying every moment!
You too can enjoy life more and achieve anything you dream of!

A sample from the reviews:

This book is magically useful
The genius of this book is, as I pick it up to read it, I immediately feel the urge to do something healthy, usually exercise on the spot. It is as if the book is encoded with a magic formula that makes you more sportive and it has a unique format that mixes story, science and handbook sport tips.

Got Me Up and Moving!
A relaxing and yet inspiring book. I tripled my physical activity in the time it took to read it. The author provides solid scientific explanations for the long-term benefits of moderate physical activity.

Never too late, and never too early.
I am probably not the target audience of this book as I am in mid-thirties, but I am glad that I read it in the beginning of a year, and shared what I learned from this book with my parents, who are definitely the target audience of the book.
This book is based on the author’s first-hand experience of starting high intensity physical training and reaching a new level of physical strength at late sixties, and is expected to keep improving or at least plateau for quite some time. It is commonly assumed that for retirees physical activity is limited to a moderate level, but the author provides a different perspective based on widely validated scientific evidence, and further implements it himself. But don’t worry, the scientific part is really easy to process. Unlike some trendy diet theories or training that Hollywood celebrities recommend and probably fade in two years, the author does not create something that you don’t know, but crystallizes what you already know to an approachable methodology. You can feel the enthusiasm of the author and his passion for sharing his scientific-based lifestyle with his readers, and eventually the general public.
Also the author succinctly shares his very interesting life story, from Poland to Israel, from mathematics to military and to venture capital, which is different but to a certain degree it also represents a whole generation of a group of people, their migration, and settling.
Just like the author said, “ if you’re reading this book, you are supposed to have crossed the midline of your life, which I believe is nowadays, around 50. But even if you’re younger, I’m sure you will enjoy it.” I am younger, and I do enjoy it. Maybe it is intended to encourage elder people set a different expectation of their bodies, but it is indeed very inspiring for younger people to start living physically active as soon as they can. Never too late, and never too early.


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