The Omega Variant by Sean O’Neil

Kevin O’Brien grew up in a tough world. He was born in the northern Irish city of Belfast in 1960 and grew up during the 1970s, in what was a divided and violent city. It was a battleground for the IRA, the UDF, the British army, and many other fringe groups. Amid that battle, kids like Kevin were often the ones who paid the highest price.

Kevin eventually managed to escape the chaos of his youth and found himself as a respected detective for the Dublin Police. However, just when he felt he had shaken off the hardships of his past and found comfort in Dublin, his wife, strangely, leaves him. As he struggles to deal with the loss, he picks up the bottle to drown his sorrows. That inevitably leads to challenges at work and equally in life.

As the challenges start to close in on him, he’s given a unique and challenging case, one that could redeem or destroy him. It bridges both Belfast and Dublin, his old and new worlds. He grudgingly accepts, realizing he effectively has no choice.

While investigating the case, a series of brutal child murders, he slowly discovers a repressed memory, a dark one. The memory connects a horrific event from his youth to the child murders of the present.

Trapped deep inside the case, he finds he is facing an evil of biblical proportions


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