Moonlight Rocks by Yurie Kiri

The desert east of Los Angeles has always been a little bit dangerous and not just because of the people who live out there. Sure there are drug gangs and meth labs but there are also a lot of more or less natural dangers too such as abandoned mines and broken down ranches with fringe people living in them. However, along with those dangers are a lot of natural rocky beauty and clear dark skies which attract amateur star gazers and campers. One night a group of friends set up camp in that desert to watch the Leonid meteor shower. However they aren’t the only people hoping to catch a falling star and when one does crash to earth nearby, the first person to get that meteorite becomes the target in a very deadly chase. When the campers die and a woman disappears not only do the local police get involved but so does a group of Satan worshipers and other religious fanatics who feel that the meteor heralds the birth of a new Messiah.


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