Fixing the Broken Chain of Life by Harold Orrick


This is science fiction at its best. Brace yourself. This novel is about a miracle, to Cure Mental Illness. Which would solve many of our social problems. Gun-control, senseless shootings in our schools and on our streets. Every young person and every parent and every grandparent who believes in miracles, should get behind this science fiction novel and turn it into reality. This is a vision of hope, you must breathe the fresh air of hope, to create any miracle. Miracles are motivated by a concern, a dream, a deep burning desire, to make a difference. In this novel, there are several concerns, along with deep burning desires, to make a big difference in the lives of millions. There’s a Medical Research Scientist. A Ex-Cop turned Private Detective, with plans to keep this miracle alive. Along with a famous beautiful Country-Western Singer and her fabulous band. Using country music to change lives. Then there was our country’s worst recession, since the Great Depression, all played a part in this miracle. All molded together with love, romance, mystery and humor. While your imagining yourself living the life of a Country-Western Entertainer on tour. Hold on, all this may be a unforgettable ride.


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