Divorcing a Psycho by Brian Burns

Divorcing a Psycho: Divorce Deceit Greed Abuse pulls no punches when weaving suspense, personality evils and dark humour together in a narrative few authors would be brave enough to publish. The book tells the story of the break up between the fictional Adam and Lucinda, a wealthy British couple. When Adam’s business falls on hard times he can no longer support the family’s extravagant lifestyle or pay private school and nanny fees. Lucinda decides to divorce Adam and take as much money as she can. Adam returns home from work one day to find the locks have been changed, Lucinda has not only locked him out but has installed her new boyfriend and telling the children he is their new Daddy. What follows is a bitter struggle where Lucinda uses all the powers at her disposal to attempt to destroy Adam, alienate him as a parent and brand him as an abuser. Often funny and tragic the book is an example of greed and delusion at it’s worst


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