Deep Truth by Jean Walters

In this book, I reach beyond the material world and string together elements of quantum theory to connect our inner and outer worlds. The outer, material realm being a symbolic representation of the individual’s inner world. The body and mind are vehicles for use in our exploration and growth, and we have the opportunity to master these vehicles. Conclusively, we live in one field of energy – the quantum field or God. It is what unites us.
Each chapter addresses a particular element of our world and prov ides actions steps that lead to mastery. As you work with these steps, your awareness deepens and expands. The point is that we are indeed spiritual beings experiencing a human life adventure. What we do with that opportunity is an individual consideration. It is important to note that each choice and action has ramifications for all other experiences and beings. That makes each of us a member of a global family with a part to play in the advancement of all.
May you use these tools and enjoy your journey as you find your way tot he Light!


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