Back to GOD, Away from Religion by Gopi Menon


Have you ever Searched for the Truth about Life, about God, and Happiness?

And did Religion ever help you find that truth?

If not, you may finally get your answer in this book, “Back to GOD, Away from Religion”!

(NOTE: Last year, this book won the Bronze Medal in the 2021 Global Book Awards in the Faith & Spirituality category. This year, it was also an Awards Finalist in the 2022 Readers Favorite Awards Contest in the Religion/Philosophy Category.)

The book itself describes one man’s soul-searching, Inner Journey for the Truth about Life, God, Happiness and Religion.

After more than six decades of fervent seeking, the author finally realized this great truth: “All religions are Man-Made, and not God-Ordained! And Since Man is not perfect, ALL religions are Flawed.”

Therefore, religion is NOT the best way to God or to Life. The best way to a happy, fulfilled life is found by looking within yourself and not inside ancient books!

What does the phrase ‘Back to God’ mean? It means we should trust in our God-given Powers of Mind and Free-Will (together with access to the Universal Mind) to help create a happy, fulfilled life here and now, on this earth!

If we refuse to live joyfully in this world that God has gifted us with, but constantly complain that this world is illusion and life is misery, why would God want to give us something better in the future? If we don’t appreciate this wonderful world in all its magnificence now, how can we expect a greater life in the hereafter?

The answers to these and other life-changing questions can be found in this controversial but rational and mind-expanding book!

Buy ‘Back to GOD, Away from Religion’ and Read it Today, to make your future truly Happy and Fulfilling!

This book makes a great gift for your philosophical and open-minded friends!”


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